Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed Wood Beams and Reclaimed Wooden Oak Beams

Reclaimed Wood Beams / Oak Beams have had a previous use and this can be evident when re-used in any future project.
The beauty and attraction of reclaimed wood beams is that the tone of the oak has matured to a rich, highly desirable colour, they have real character with knots and twists giving evidence of their past lives.

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Adding reclaimed wood beams and or lintels into a property instantly adds charm and additional character to your rooms. More and more of our clients are mixing old and modern materials to give either a traditional feel or installing them into modern apartments to introduce a cool and chic look, thus creating an individual look to the space they are occupying.

Reclaimed wood beams are beams that have been reclaimed from a wide variety of houses, barns and chateaux across Europe. Our Reclaimed Wood Beams have an inherent character and patina that make them suitable for a wide range of restoration projects, as well as more modern installations. Whether they are for the interior or exterior, we have a wide selection of reclaimed wood beams to give an individuality to any project.

Here at Period Timber, we only ever source top quality reclaimed wood beams. Whether it is for mantle over your fireplace, wood burner or aga to timber spans across your living space, or perhaps for a pergola installation in your garden, our reclaimed wood beams lend a robust feel to any project.

For more information on our various types of reclaimed wood beams we currently hold in stock and or to discuss your solid floor or reclaimed wood requirements please do not hesitate to contact us at Period Timber directly.


For more information on Reclaimed Wood Beams and or ordering, please contact Period Timber directly.

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