Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Overview of Reclaimed Timber & Reclaimed Wood Flooring Available

Period Timber offers a great range of reclaimed wood flooring and reclaimed timber products, each can help to add that individual look and finishing touch to any room, just make your selection from below to view full details

Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Pine Flooring Image

Reclaimed Pine Flooring

Extremely adaptable and very popular amongst customers in both old and new builds for both private and commercial clients, and will last a lifetime if looked after…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Oak Flooring Image

Reclaimed Oak Flooring

The patina built up over the centuries gives this flooring a totally unique quality and individual finished result. Available in a variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Image

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Typically associated with Victorian and Edwardian properties and usually laid in classic herringbone fashion. Used for period restorations and contemporary installations alike…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Wood Beams Image

Reclaimed Wooden Beams

Their beauty and attraction is that the tone of the oak has matured to a rich, highly desirable colour, they have real character with knots and twists giving evidence of their…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Strip Flooring Image

Reclaimed Strip Flooring

Reclaimed Strip Flooring can be English Oak, Rhodesian and Burmese Teak, Karri and Jarrah (eucalyptus), Keruing and Canadian Maple. Usually salvaged from Mills, School Halls…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding Image

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding

Cladding a wall with reclaimed wood immediately adds a sense of scale, character and creativity with beautiful time worn, uneven surface giving a unique and original effect…

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring from Period Timber

Period Timber, the reclaimed wood flooring company considers all of its reclaimed wood flooring creations to be pioneering vessels of creativity and craftsmanship. The methodology behind sourcing and crafting each piece of reclaimed wood flooring has been developed through years of experimentation and the collected expertise of industry professionals. Our belief is that nature is the inherent architect.

Reclaimed wood flooring looks stunning, it is highly individual and works with both traditional and contemporary design schemes. We offer genuine reclaimed wood flooring / reclaimed timber flooring, the latter being sourced from a number of different mills and all carried in sufficient quantities to ensure continuity of supply.

Why choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Solid-hardwood flooring is incredibly hard-wearing, and will last for many years. It can be sanded down and resurfaced every five to seven years.

Engineered flooring will normally withstand one or two sandings, but no more than that.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring will age gracefully, and the signs of wear and tear are an acceptable feature – just as timber furniture ages and picks up the occasional dent or mark, so will timber flooring.

Laminate flooring cannot be sanded when chipped.